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Product List


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List of Products

Always getting new products, so look at the whole list!

All are on VHS and subtitled, unless otherwise stated. Quality is to the right.



DBZ episodes 82-200 (2cd set) A-C- $10
Following DBZ eps range in quality A-B-
DBZ episodes 200-217 $7
DBZ episodes 218-233 $7
DBZ episodes 234-239 $7
DBZ episodes 240-245 $7
DBZ episodes 246-251 $7
DBZ episodes 252-257 $7
DBZ episodes 258-263 $7
DBZ episodes 264-267 $7
DBZ episodes 269-270 $7
DBZ episodes 271-275 $7
DBZ episodes 276-291 $7
Whole set will sell for $100 including shipping

Movies and specials
DBZ movies 4-13 + Trunks&Bardock specials A-B-$40 w/shipping
DBZ OVA 1&2 A-B $15
DBZ Live action special B+ $10
package of OVA and Live action special $24 including shipping
DBZ 2 tape Ginyu saga A+++ (original boxes) $20


All Dragonball GT 1-64 (19 tapes) subbed A+ $85 w/shipping
-Above ONLY sold as set-  ($60 if want in slp mode)
GT episodes 13-18 A $8

Movies and specials
GT special C $7



----Series-(complete) subtitled = sub (series in VCD also availible on VHS, please ask)------


Angel Links VHS A+-A sub ep--


Angel Sanctuary VHS B sub--


Bastard !!! 2 VHS A+ --


Berserk     9     VCDs      sub--

Blueseed   9 VCDs  sub--


Burn up W 4 VHS A+ sub--


Captain N   VHS    B+  ep--


Cardcaptor Sakura all eps + 2 movies    6     VHS     A   ep   sub--

Chobits     2   VHS    A-A- --

Cowboy Bebop    9 VCDs        Sub--


David the Gnome 2 VHS A ep--


Devil Hunter Yoko all eps A+++ subbed   6  VHS  sp--


DNA^2 + Video Girl AI + Iria 2 VHS A+-A sub ep--


Dragonball GT   18 VHS   A+ - A  sub--


Dragon Drive 1-38 VHS   A+-A sub--


Dual: Parellel Trouble Adventure + Special VHS A+-A sub ep--


El Hazard : Magnificent World        4 Tapes       A++     Dub--

El Hazard : Magnificent World 2      2 VHS      A++ Dub--


El Hazard: Wanderers    9 VCDs        Dub--


Fist of the North Star all eps + Movie A+ subbed 11 VHS ep--


Flame of Recca 2 A+-A VHS sub ep--


Fushigi Yuugi all eps & OVAs   14 VHS  A++ sub-- 


GaogaiGar: King of braves 3 VHS A+ sub--


Gasaraki 2 VHS A+-A sub ep--


GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka all eps 1-43 A+-A subtitled--


Gundam X  10 VHS sub A+ - A  sub--


Hajime No Ippo  1-68  VHS   A+-A   sub--


Hakkenden VHS A+-A sub ep--


He-man : Masters   (movie & special also)  10 tapes   B-C+ ep--


Hellsing  all eps + special  A+ subbed VHS--


Hey Dude all eps    A-B  4 VHS  ep--


Hikaru No Go  all eps  1-73 + special  VHS A+-A  sub--


Hunter X Hunter    all eps +   all OVAs (including new 2003 Greed island) 8 VHS A+-A sub--


Hyper Police   7  VHS     sub     A--


Inu Yasha all eps 1-105 + movie Subtitled A-B VHS--


Irresponsible Captain Taylor (all eps + all OVAs + music video)     A++++ Sub    14 sp VHS--


Jubei Chan VHS A+-A sub ep--


Kenshin  all eps (+ movie, specials, & OVAs including 2002 seisouhen)  9 VHS  A+-B  sub ep--


Legend of Zelda all eps VHS  A-B  dub--


Lodoss War  9  VCDs       Dub--

Lodoss War Heroic Knight     13  VCDs   Dub--  


Love Hina 1-26 + Spring + Christmas Specials + Love Hina    Again OVA + Final Selection + Live concert special   A++-A   3 VHS ep--


Magic Knights Rayearth 1 and 2 complete    A++   12 VHS  sp--


Martian Successor Nadesico  all eps  A+++ subbed  12 VHS sp--


Mysterious Cities of Gold      3 VHS B+ ep--


Naruto 1-47 + special A+ subtitled VHS--


Neo Ranga: Southern Sea King  1-48 complete  A+  2 VHS sub--


Noir all eps + Special    2 VHS A+ sub--


Prince of Tennis all eps 1-75 + special A+ subtitled VHS--


Saber Marionette J, J again, J-X, and R   A-   4   VHS   ep  sub--


Senkaiden Houshin Engi 2 VHS A+-A sub ep--


Shadow Skill + 2 OVAs (movies) 9 VHS A+-A   sub--


Shaman King 1-64 + special     VHS  A+-A sub--


Silent Mobius all eps + Movie 3 VHS A+-A sub ep--


Slam Dunk all eps + all 4 movies    VHS A+-A-  sub--


Slayers all eps + Next + Try +all specials, OVAs, Movies  6 VHS ep A- --


Sorcerer Hunters all eps + all OVAs   A-B+    2 VHS subbed--


Speed Racer all eps  1-52  VCD      A-B   dub--


Trigun 9 CD A+ sub--


Turn A Gundam all eps  10 VHS A++ sub--


Vampire Princess Miyu all eps +  5 OVAs  9  VHS  A++  Sub--


Vandread    3 VHS       sub   A++-- 


Weiss Kreuz  all eps 7 VHS (+ OVAs)  A+ - A  sub--


Yami No Matsuei   all eps   A+-B+   1  VHS    subbed--


Yu-Gi-Oh! All eps (124) + movie and TV special A+-A   10   VHS    ep   subbed--


Yu Yu Hakusho   (+ movie)   20 VHS   A++  sub----


-Email me for prices on these series-



He-man episodes 1-134 + movie & special A-B $90 w/ shipping
-only sold as complete set- (also includes 2002 series)


Outlaw star episodes 1-26 A+++ $40 including shipping


Akira dubbed A+ $10
Ghost in the shell dubbed A+ $10
Judge A+ dubbed $10
Kite A+ dubbed $10
Ninja Scroll A+ dubbed $10
Perfect Blue A+ dubbed $10
Princess Mononoke A+++ sub or dub $15
Wrath of Ninja A+ dubbed $10
Vampire Hunter D A+ dubbed $10

Blood: The last Vampire  VHS A++ $10

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust  A   VHS sub $10

Jin Roh  VHS   A  sub $10

Spriggan    VHS    B  sub  $8

Spirited Away VHS A+   sub  $10

Naussica of the Valley of the Wind    VHS   A  sub  $10



DBZ Legends for PSX (original in case) $50 w/ shipping